Our partners experience comprises over 200 man years of world class sales/marketing/services and management expertise at some of the largest global companies cumulatively delivering over $500MM in value through their engagements with (in house and customer facing) consulting engagements at hundreds of companies globally.

Sampling of our results:

  • 100%

    100% conversion rate for prospect company responses from value centric focused email campaign to key Business, I.T., Contracts, and Procurement executives with a Fortune 100 global company.

  • Capital

    Provided key venture and human capital to a boutique firm to bridge (seed capital) gaps jettisoning two social media projects.

  • $50MM

    $50MM pipeline in less than one year from scratch (new companies/prospects) closing deals from responses to a micro site (after crafting value messaging, scripts, follow-on emails, communication).

  • Won

    Winning over $3MM in business in less than four months while developing a newer vertical/product focus for a struggling joint venture entity within the group that had yet to win a competitive deal. These wins opened up tens of millions in future revenue opportunities.