Case Study 4

A global supply chain company hired Alchemy in a direct executive role within the company to drive strategies and execution for a fledgling joint venture partnership with a strategic product/solution direction to a large marquee global retail electronics firm. We developed with their inhouse team creative response to the structured RFP process to gain the final cut to drive team strategies, presentations and developed a $10MM differentiated, value proposition that led to the win (and cost justification/approval to their Team comprised of Supply Chain, Procurement, Contracts, and I.T. Global Executives). This deal is anticipated at >$2MM and will lead to a new strategic direction to drive additional revenues and new markets with anticipation of >$50MM in the coming years to help increase the valuation for this privately held equity firm.

Select Customer Comments

Global Software Company, Sales & Marketing Departments and CEO:

"We are already getting some responses from recipients, and even an inbound request for a meeting (from the first email campaign run). Great job on crafting a compelling email!" 'Good value statement." "We like what you are doing and 100% in synch." "We needed help on opening doors to prospects and clients; thanks for the great job."

Global Software Company, Executive Staff, and their Customers, Partner, and Analyst Ecosystem:

'The results are astounding in terms of responses, value statements, vertical market messaging, and deals generated and closed.' "Your help has been invaluable in identifying joint synergies and higher level messaging to allow us to talk in the executive ranks with Board level messaging." "You have created a compelling proposition for your customers."

Global Software/Hardware/Services Company, and their end Customer:

"Your help in providing the sales expertise to craft the value messaging and manage the presentation components to our end client now allows us to effectively compete against the more well known competitors (beating out Oracle, SAP, and JDA in our first head/head deal) allowing us to effectively grow this critical segment of our business creating new markets." 'Your value in crafting the $12MM value proposition, and expertise you have demonstrated while limiting our risk and maximizing our upside revenue and margin potential was a chief reason we chose your company.'

Venture and Human Capital Firm:

"Your expertise was invaluable in identifying weaknesses (and strengths) of some acquisition targets, and helping with the venture raising efforts (Angels and Second Round)." "Your insights on companies/markets provided measurable results in our executive placement/team building efforts."