Sales Productivity

We are in early stage discussions with partner companies for deliverables to increase productivity of employees health, and wellness that have been shown to be highly effective, and easy to implement. These lifestyle changes can translate into measurable results of 10%-40% or more productivity (work output) increases along with increased confidence, and well being. A healthy and more intuitive employee makes for competitive advantage.


A simplistic Methodology is being developed to provide visible results with each step through the protocol(s) to lead to higher productivity via enhanced health and mental capabilities.

One of our Partners was tested on a BioPhotonic scanner in Santa Monica, CA, and registered one of highest recordings in Southern California as administered by an MD, PhD accredited in this field (higher score than Dr. Oz).

  • Worked with Shamans in the Amazon with medicinal herbs, behavioral mechanisms and spiritual pathways.
  • Worked with Ayurveda’s in India/Sri Lanka on healing protocols combating several illnesses.
  • Worked with American Indians in tribal ceremonies throughout the Americas.
  • Worked with Therapist at the famous Wat Pho in Bangkok and throughout Thailand.
  • Collaborated with many Medical/Wellness/Fitness practitioners in California and around the world.

    *Invested hundreds of thousands of dollars over a 35 year period developing these protocols and testing thousands of supplements, herbs, products, modalities, and practitioners in a ‘hands-on’ role. To include:

    • Supplements (in depth work with D3, Niacin, and Immune Enhancing Supplements/Herbs)
    • HRT (hormone replacement therapies), Chelation Therapy, Oxygen Therapies
    • Rolfing Massage (Rosen method, Thai, Deep Tissue), Pilates, Yoga, Meditation
    • Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Rebounding/Bodyblade Exercise
    • HydroPulse (sinus) Therapy, Crane (cranium) Appliance, EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation)
    • OralFacial Myology, NLP (Neuro Linguistics Programming) Osteopathy, Flotation Chambers
    • Weightlifting (Super Slow Resistance Training/HIT), HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)
    • Scenar Therapy, GDV Kirlian Technology, Laser/Light Therapies
    • Pulsed Magnetic Energy, Neurofeedback protocols, Mineral Balancing
    • Raw Food Regimens, Detoxification Protocols, Juicing Protocols, Intermittent Fasting
    • Along with many other Protocols, Supplements, and Therapies.

Why Choose Us?

We are seasoned professionals who have real-world experience (not 'farming' relationships or 'milking' leads from the corporate entities, accounting firms, or media concerns):

  • Settling up strategies to make markets where none existed prior
  • Developing new accounts/prospects/clients where no prior relationships existed
  • Mining value in a corporations current assets to create meaningful messaging and value propositions that cost justify their solutions and market
  • Establishing methodologies (marketing, sales, services) where none existed prior (and/or augmenting current protocols)
  • We are not only classically trained on methodologies in sales, marketing, services (thousands of sales, presentations, training classes, etc.) we are 'street' savvy on how to get the job done without a 'brand' and 'armies' of people/consultants. We are the 'SWAT' team.
  • We produce results, not just charging for mounds of paperwork or relying on our resumes/reputations
  • We have experience closing some of the most complex deals in a wide variety of industries and solutions
  • We consult with companies we believe in and not just to make consulting dollars. Much of our success depends upon your success
  • We have multiple blended models to choice from
  • What is the bundled costs (salary, benefits, lost opportunities) when hiring the wrong marketing, sales, consultants to your firm?  (Generally speaking just one person in this role is a minimum of $100K annually not including opportunity costs of lost or missed sales; especially if you are dealing with a time-to-market paradigm.)